November reading list

Now that the holidays have arrived – school has ended, breaks from work or university, we all have a little bit more free time. When life slows down a smidgen its always nice to pick up a book and fill those empty hours reading instead of sitting mindlessly in front of the TV. For those of us who have recently graduated High School in the southern hemisphere – we know a little bit about filling our days and hours with mundane yet precious acts. No longer do we have to break our backs studying the human anatomy or the history of the Cuban revolution – we know have time to relax.

At the beginning of the month I began to make a mental list of books that I wanted to read and I thought sharing my list with our readers might be beneficial – I’m not sure how but lets just go with it.

First on the list was Girl on the Train – which I recently finished and did not like very much so sorry to all of those who did and screw you to the people who told me it was fantastic and such a page turner because I guessed that plot twist less than a third of my way into the book.

Moving on to All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. I’ve only just started reading it so it is early days, however I am really enjoying the writing and the storyline and the characters and the setting so far. So, so far, so good! The story is set before and during the Second World War in Europe and follows a young girl who went blind at 6 years old and a german orphan. The story takes place in France and has been called epic, sublime and magnificent. I am extremely excited to continue reading !

Just Kids by Patti Smith. I have seen the deliciously aesthetic book cover of this story floating around on social media so I finally decided to google search the title. From the little research I did the book sounded interesting and I liked that it was based on Patti Smith’s personal experiences. I cannot wait for the book to arrive and for me to begin.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. Okay before you brand me a Lana Del Rey obsessed 14 year old who will pretend to romanticise the beauty of the book just to seem cool and alternative – I want to leave you with this thought. Years ago when I was actually the young impressionable age of 15 I bought this novel – basically due to the influence of several references to the book and movie on tumblr. I am ashamed to say this I am sorry I apologise. I did begin the book after I bought it but found it boring, slow and just creepy so I gave up and watched the movie. I thought nothing of it until two days ago when I watched Lucy Moon, Hannah Witton and Leena Norms’ Banging Bookclub video where the book of the month had been Lolita. Instantly I felt this strange urge to pick up the book again and try to push through – I guess because its a classic or maybe I want to seem educated I’m not sure I just have this sudden intrigue to try again. I am 3 years older now so maybe I am mature enough to handle the heaviness of such a novel.

































  1. All The Light We Cannot See was one of the most amazing books I ever read! How did you find it in the end? I thought the writing was wonderful!! Glad to be reading your posts again, I had a little break from blogging but I’m back aha!xx
    The Buttercup Baby

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