Hello. Goodbye?

so I havent posted a post on here in weeks, maybe even months. I did have my final exams before I finished school and a few other things going on but now I seem to have a dangerous amount of time on my fingertips. I dont like just sitting at home, without a purpose, without a place to go, things to complete – even if I never got them all done. So I do want to begin blogging again but not here, not on this site – I just feel like it isnt mine anymore if that makes sense. I don’t like the direction it was going in and I just feel like I need a clean screen to begin my new site. My problem – I can’t pick a name ahah. It is annoying how here on wordpress once you create your blog name you are stuck with it, and so I want to be super careful and diligent with the name that I choose. Once my new site is up and running I will come back on here to update you all who I am very much appreciated of. Thank you for your patience, and thank you for still leaving insightful comments on my past posts – it fills my heart to know that people still think my voice is worth listening to. So hopefully I will see you soon, until next time goodbye and goodnight.



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