16 things I’ve learnt in Winter 2016

So the lovely KM from badpeachesblog and I have teamed up to do a collab ! Yay for collaborating 🙂 KM suggested, inspired by Juliawritesaboutit‘s post, that we do a 16 things I learnt in (insert your current season) 2016. I live in the southern hemisphere so right now we are finishing winter and entering Spring. While the girls at badpeachesblog are in the northern hemisphere so for them it is Summer turning into Autumn. So I will be doing 16 things I learnt this winter, and they will do 16 things learnt in Summer.


So here are 16 things I learnt this winter…

One: You can’t stress about the future because that is just dumb – stop getting anxiety over something that can change at any moment

Two: You will be okay

Three: That I really genuinely am not worried or over obsessing over having a “boyfriend” this is the first time in a long time that i haven’t wanted to be in a relationship – it’s nice

Four: That I love to blog ahah

Five: I think I’m interested in journalism or law


Six: Gilmore Girls will always be there for you

Seven: Reading is important and you must do more of it

Eight: Vodka and raspberry jelly = a good combination

Nine: boys do like you

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 11.44.37 AM

Ten: Frida Kahlo was a bad ass woman, whose artwork is even more incredible in person

Eleven: You have to study and work hard to get the results you want

Twelve: That you need to do more exercise – for your health in the short and long term

Thirteen: That time really does fly by so fast and you can’t get caught up in what is going to happen, just enjoy the last few days you have left of high school


Fourteen: Some people are great friends, and others are only good friends at certain times – don’t let them bring toxicity into your life but also remember they are acting in certain ways because of something to do with them – its not to do with you

Fifteen: That even the girls you thought had everything can still break down in front of you because of their insecurities and their past

Sixteen: For number 16 I would love for you guys to fill it out and tell me something you learnt this season (weather its winter or summer where you live!)

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 8.43.34 PM



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