“Conscious of the world”: An exclusive interview with Roberta, from Girlhood Magazine

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Note: All photos taken from Girlhood Mag blog or Instagram

Yay another interview ! I am seriously loving doing these because they provide me with the opportunity to connect with such amazing people and share with you guys some awesome creatives that you should check out !

Today’s interviewee is the beautiful babe Roberta, creator of Girlhood Magazine which you can go check out here. Girlhood Magazine is seriously just incredible in every single way – the aesthetic, the posts, the voice and the writing ! Seriously if you haven’t seen it then where have you been ?!?!?

Roberta is such a cool chick and I am so happy I got to interview her 🙂 Her passion for social justice, for her blog and for travel seriously just leapt out in this interview !

So here is the interview:

So, first tell me a bit about yourself!

I’ve always been interested in writing, photography and design but have never had the courage to start any creative projects until now. I love discovering new music, cute little cafés and reading in my spare time.

What helped provide you with that courage to begin a blog?

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 10.57.27 PMAfter watching Cartia Mallan’s video with Emma Mercury (in bed with Emma – find you), I felt so inspired to pursue all of my creative dreams, so I decided to start the blog. Once The Messy Effect came about, I got to connect with so many new people who were likeminded and continue to support my content. Having a supportive community is basically the backbone to posting content online without fear or judgement.

Do you think that it is sometimes easier to connect with people on the internet than with your friends and family?

Yeah, definitely. The internet, especially social media platforms, have such a global influence and it makes it so much easier to connect with likeminded people. Friends and family don’t always see eye-to-eye on social justice issues, but finding people online who agree with your ideas is generally easy. That’s why I love The Messy Effect community.

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It’s interesting you mention social issues because I have noticed on your blog you have made a few posts about the current circumstances in the US. Is this something that you want to explore further on your blog? (As in social justice/politics etc.)

Absolutely! Mainstream media talks about these issues very light handedly, and most of the time, in a derogatory way. A lot of mainstream media influencers demonise the Islamic community and POC, which only hinders our development as a society. I think it’s so important to voice your support for those who are less privileged than you, because it may seem like just an Instagram post or tweet to you, but to them it’s a reality and knowing someone out there stands up for you is very comforting.

I guess my biggest goal is to educate my readers on these issues and encourage them to take advantage of their voice and talk about issues that matter, not “How To Get A Bikini Body in 10 Days.”

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset
Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

What do you think is the first step that we can make as the youth to hopefully change these issues?

I’m not an expert but I reckon the first step is education; schools play such a big role in forming the opinions of young people, so whether we can incorporate social justice issues into school syllabuses or get the Government to conduct campaigns targeted at young people with a focus on social justice issues, that would be a great start.

On a personal level, I think it’s really important to self-educate. There are so many resources out there, you just have to take the time to access them.

I would say a great place to start is Rookie Magazine and searching tags on your favourite social media networks.

BELLA INTERRUPTING HERE: I seriously connect with so much that Roberta has said about education and how it plays such a fundamental part in formulating our standpoint in society. I really want to make a post about this on my blog – so let me know if you would be interested. Okay back to the interview 🙂 

Have you always been based/lived in Adelaide?

Yes, I’ve always lived in Adelaide. It’s a small city but if you take the time to be a tourist in your own city, you can find some amazing places.

Do you want to stay in Adelaide? Or live in other places?

I’ve always been drawn to the vagabond culture because the idea of staying in one place for the rest of my life bores me. There’s an entire world out there with so many new people and experiences to discover so I would definitely consider living somewhere else.

Where do you think/would want your next home base to be?

I’d love to move interstate – maybe Byron Bay – and then go explore the UK or Scandinavia, maybe both!

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 10.57.12 PMYou talked about vagabond culture before – what is that? Aahah I’m not in the loop it seems

To be a vagabond it means to travel from place to place without a home. I like the idea of this because to me, friends and family are home, not the building you live in. It just intrigues me so much.

Last question, describe how you envision your future in three words/phrases?

Life-changing, inspiring and conscious of the world.

Please check out Roberta’s links down below:




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