Cool creatives


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I wanted to make an appreciation post talking about some of my favourite creative people here on the internet ! So here goes….

Rachel Nguyen

Creator of blog and youtube channel Thatschic

This girl is fucking incredible. I absolutely adore her blogs and videos. She has such an amazing and unique vibe – her voice, editing, style, soul everything is just so awesome. I definitely recommend you check out her links down below:

and here are two of my favourite videos that she has done


Ella Grace

Creator of Youtube channel Ella Grace

This girl has such a bubbly, fresh and positive look on life. She uploads videos every single day – they may be short but they are most definitely sweet and just bring such a nice vibe to my day. I just love this girl so check her out:

Beka Nicole

Aka – Motel Bunny

This girl is such an incredible artist with such a funky style. Check out some of her awesome work at her website:

Imogen Murray

This aussie babe is an incredible creative making some awesome content. She also has such a unique and cool style, photos, editing and vibe. Check out her instagram:

Sarah Lemkus

This vegan babe is one hot mamma, who has a gorgeous daughter and husband and lives such an inspiring life ! I am very slowly making my way towards veganism and this girl is definitely a HUGE inspiration. Please check out her youtube channel:

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