Do not be ignorant – this is reality


I made a post about this on my instagram  but I want to bring the conversation to my blog as well.

IMG_5681Coming home yesterday after a big night I bought a newspaper to keep me occupied on the long train ride home. So here I am flipping through the paper and an article comes up discussing the horrible circumstances in the United States regarding police brutality towards people of colour. It stated that police brutality has gotten even worse since 2015. The facts are that the number of people killed by the police in the first six months of 2015 was 465, and the number in the first six months of 2016 is 491.

I only know what I have seen on social media and what I have heard and what I read skimming this article but I am willing to be more educated. We need to be willing to learn and know and understand. Ignoring the issue, being indifferent, remaining neutral – that is worsening the issue.

Remember – ALL LIVES MATTER. #Blacklivesmatter is not degrading or ignoring this. If you are not black that does not mean that you don’t matter. But this movement #blacklivesmatter is needed because in the United States (and all over the world) people are behaving specifically as if black lives don’t matter. Do not be so close minded as to think that this is some new version of white privilege because its not. It is knowing that all lives matter, all beings are important, and all people deserve the right to be safe. And in these circumstances people of colour do not feel mattered, do not feel important and do not feel safe.


My friend and I were talking about all that is happening and she asked me how come this is only happening now why has one shooting in 2015 in Ferguson sparked all of these shootings and murders of innocent people. I sat there for a minute and thought about that because the truth is only in the past two years have I heard about issues like this. Does that mean that this is a new thing that seems to be happening ?? no of course not. Of course this discrimination has been happening for hundreds of years. I realised that now we have the power of social media.

Social media allows people to post evidence of these crimes – the amount of videos that I have seen or heard of and don’t have the stomach to watch, showing police being disgustingly brutal towards people of colour. Social media, the internet, it has allowed the adolescent to become more educated and engaged in what is happening globally.

Now, these police are actually being called out on it. So instead of being shoved under the rug, like before, they are now being taken to court, being spoken about, being questioned. Instead though, the system allows them to walk free of any charge. These police officers are not the only guilty ones.

So first thing — DO NOT IGNORE THIS. Do not feel as if this isn’t your place, do not be so ignorant to say that racism is not an issue because it is an issue a huge issue.

Remember to EDUCATE YOURSELF. We have to be aware of the facts and figures, we must know what is actually happening, why people are acting out this way, who is being punished.

DONT BE IGNORANT. Remember that not everyone has to experience this fear. I being a white girl, living in Australia would have no fucking clue how it would feel for someone of colour living in the midst of these circumstances. I cannot be so insulting as to tell them that this isn’t happening. Because it is.

Check out the Messy Heads post here for an amazing post on the issue, also check out the Girlhood Mag’s post here for another awesome post about this.

Please please please do not ignore it. Do not tell yourself that this isn’t important or doesn’t concern you because it does.

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  1. Please open your eyes to what’s going on to blacks in the USA and what’s been going on to blacks for century’s in the USA it’s hard to understand if you haven’t lived in this skin so please take this matter seriously we have a lot of blacks in prisons the new slave trade

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  2. 100% agree. It’s scary to think that all that was going on 50 years ago is still seeming to occur today. We need to educate ourselves, talk about the issue, take a stand and MAKE people notice. You’re right, neutral isn’t going to bring about change. Great post and very well said!

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