Things you need to watch

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This is the most amazing story,set during World War I, based on the true life of Vera Brittain. An author, poet, activist, feminist, nurse, sister, lover, daughter. I just, wow this is one of my favourite movies of all time and if you are going to watch anything on this list – watch this one. I am currently reading the book and am loving it as well. Also the movie score is amazing definitely listen to the compositions.


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I adore this film so much. The directing, editing, aesthetic, script, acting, everything it is the whole package. It is set in 1961 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The story is about a young girl Ginger and her friend Rosa. A lot of stuff goes down and it gets very intense but it is still a beautiful film and ugh just so wonderful. It is also on Netflix so check it out !


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Here we go again another story set in the past. I’m sure it is pretty clear by now that I am a history nut… but I’m sorry I just can’t help it. However, Bletchley Circle is actually a television series, sadly with only two very very short seasons, that you can access on Australian Netflix. It is seriously the bomb. I rewatch it all the time…. It is set in the 50s however the story begins in the 40s during the war. It follows four woman who worked as code-breakers during the war and who after years of living their quiet lives after the war, find each other again and use their intelligence to solve crime. I know it sounds so weird the way I am explaining it but seriously it is so good !


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One night at about 1am I was scrolling through Netflix looking for something to watch for like 20 minutes. I clicked on this film and well ended up watching the whole thing. 3 in the morning later I am feeling all the feels. This is just a beautiful movie. The story is a bit cheesy in the end and a bit predictable but it is just still so wonderful. Also baby girl Natalie Portman is my new crush – her acting and accent is on point. The story follows a young girl maybe 16 or 15 I believe, from Alabama who is 8 months pregnant. Her boyfriend leaves her stranded at Walmart in a random town when they were on their way to California. So here she is, no friends, no home, no family and no money. She ends up living in Walmart and this is where her story begins. Just watch it it is amazing.


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Another one of my favourite movies. I don’t know there is just something about it that I really relate and connect with. It is funny, sad, emotional, exciting and just ugh awesome. The cinematography is incredible, the cast is the bomb and the movie soundtrack is the soundtrack to my life. So yes please watch this film.





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