Some lovely things you need in your life

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Alas, another blogger who is posting another favourites post – well yea sorry but look at all these amazing things that I am currently enjoying ! x

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Kate Spade Wallet

Ahh another birthday gift from my beautiful group of friends. I mentioned a little while back that I was in desperate need of a wallet and I guess they must of listened ! ahah. There is so much room in here but its still nice and thin so easy to slip in a bag. The gold is something that I usually wouldnt go for so I am surprised at how much i LOVE IT. There is even room for your passport and boarding pass if you are travelling.

Boss Orange glasses

Recently I went to the eye doctor and I had jumped four levels of blindness ! Yay ! (sarcasm is strong here). Despite my loss of eyesight I got new glasses and I am inlove ! I opted for a new style – more hipster I guess you could say. And now I can look cute while seeing the world in HD.

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Glasshouse Tigerlily Candle

This was a birthday gift from my lovely friend Issi, and I havent stopped burning it since I got it ! The smell is a mixture of coconut, lemon and lime – it is sweet yet slightly musky and doesn’t overpower the room and leave you a headache. Instead it is the perfect amount of lovelyness for your lovely nose.

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Frankie Magazine

Okay, this is basically a birthday haul but I’m sorry the people I know are amazing gift givers ahah. On my birthday two of my gorgeous gals gave me a copy of Frankie. I never buy magazines because yes they are expensive but once I did buy a Frankie mag and I still love it to this day. I love all of the interesting stories and the aesthetic of the mag ! Definitely recommend if you are looking for a good read.

Seeking Scintilla

This girls blog is absolutely gorgeous !! Please check it out here. She has such a wonderful voice and the aesthetic is on point !

Girlhood magazine

Amazing blog and amazing aesthetic please check it out here.

The Illustrated Book of Shakespeare’s Verse

Alas, another birthday gift. My friends are just the greatest I could ever ask for. So my lovely friend Georgia told me in January that she had already bought my present. The anticipation was killing me but most definitely worth the wait. She knows me all to well and bought me a beautiful book filled with sonnets and scenes from Shakespeares work. Amongst the beautiful prose and poems are stunning paintings from the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries. It is the most stunning collection and I just love it so so so much.







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