The wonderfulness of the banana and how you can overcome your hate for them

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Hello my lovely readers !

Today as I was making my afternoon smoothie snack I was thinking about how awesome smoothies are. Smoothies are definitely a go to for me whether it is breakfast, lunch or an afternoon snack ! And I was thinking – oh I should make a blog post about my favourite smoothie recipes. Then I realised well Bella come on smoothies are not exactly a new phenomenon, i mean every blogger and their dog have posted some form of smoothie love/recipe video/blog. And these smoothie recipes are always the same ! There is the “Green machine” which is basically banana and spinach. There is the “Berry bliss” which is essentially banana and berries. And of course you can’t forget the “Healthy chocolate shake” which is banana and cacao.

What do all of these things have in common – BANANA.

It hit me like a beautiful epiphany bananas are literally the healthy food staple. I mean if you think about it they are the base/egg replacement for every vegan recipe; pancakes, cookies, cakes, ice cream. Bananas are like that awesome person who seem to show up at every party and you never really notice or appreciate them for how amazing they are and then one day you realise if they aren’t there that they are literally the life of every other party.

So yes the banana is the best.

But I get that some of you just don’t like bananas. And this can be the most annoying thing when you want to eat vegan or healthy foods as they are in everything !

Well fear the banana no more my babes

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Okay – there are many groups of people who don’t like the banana and here I will tell you how you can love them:

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These are the people who tried that banana flavoured lollie and decided that they hated bananas. Heres the deal – banana flavoured sweets are a lie ! that is so not what a banana tastes like so sorry your excuse sucks just try a real banana.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 4.59.02 PM

I admittedly used to fall under this category. One day little baby Bella looked down at a banana saw that black dot and decided nuh uh I am not eating this thing anymore. Don’t worry your taste buds change with age – one day I was curious and tried a banana and found that the black dot did not bother me anymore. So grow up and eat a banana.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 4.59.38 PM

You are the ones who just cannot stand the mushy texture of the banana – maybe you had a bad experience with a rotten banana gone mushy at the bottom of your bag. Or you don’t like the rough texture of a super ripe banana. It is okay my friend because when you mix banana in a smoothie or any other form of recipe like banana pancakes that texture disappears !

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I get it – the taste of a banana definitely takes getting used to. First of all, do not, I repeat, do not eat an unripe/green/yellow/”perfect” banana. Those are gross and are depriving you of the real goodness. Eat the banana and use it in recipes when it is fully ripe and I mean covered in brown dots. I do not care if it is ugly – you will thank me. Also, try slowly including bananas into your diet. Chuck in half or even a quarter of a banana into your smoothie and go from there. This is something I did when I first began using bananas in my smoothies and I wasn’t completely in love with the taste. You would be surprised how much in grows on you. Also, from personal experience you can’t really taste the banana in vegan pancakes – just cover them with maple syrup or honey and you are good to go my friend.

And finally

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 5.00.35 PM

Yes, I am looking at you. You are the people who just refuse to try a banana. Just try it. If you hate it then oh well at least you actually tried the thing instead of looked at it and said you didn’t like it.

I know this is a long post – especially when it’s only about bananas but come on bananas rock ! They are great in so many delicious things plus they are super beneficial health wise with a ton of good stuff to make your body happy.

Next time you see a banana, appreciate it.







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