I have tried to create a blog many, many times. It seems there are all these half-hearted blogs established by yours truly, just floating out there in the “twitter-sphere”.

I’m not sure what compels a person to begin a blog, possibly it is the desire to share their own voice in a world where there are so many others to compete with, or maybe it is just something to do when you’re bored for the summer. For me, creating a blog was always about just that; creating.

I love to create, whether it’s some of my shitty drawings, small films, short stories, poetry. I love the idea of crafting something to send out into the world, stamped with your personal thoughts, contemplations and theories.

So I guess, with that in mind I created this blog, for the what is probably the tenth time. Nevertheless, I shall attempt to keep this platform consistent, along with honest and raw. Honestly, I just want a small space of my own where I can share my writings, my thoughts, my “art” — or my “creations”.

With that thought, hello and welcome!

Isobel xx




  1. Hi! I’ve been reading a lot of your blog posts and wow! I really enjoy them and I can tell that you’re truly passionate about it. (I also can relate to a lot of things that you talk about!) good luck with the rest of your blog!! x

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